Friday, April 2, 2010

King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz

His full name is Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdurrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud. He was born in Riyadh on August 1, 1924. Abdullah's mother is Fahda Al Shuraim. She was Abdul-Aziz's eighth wife. Abdullah was learning of his father. Abdullah had taken multiple wives during his lifetime, among them Princess Tadi Bent Mashan Al-Jarba, Princess Hessa Al Shaalan, Princess Haifa Al Mohana, Princess Aida Fostok, and, Princess Malka Al Jarba, and al-Jauhara. He has 7 sons and 15 daughters. First, king Abdullah's Positions. He was given the position of Commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard in August 1962. Then, he appointed Second Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Guard in 1975. In 1982, he appointed First Deputy Prime Minister and Crown. Next, he became King of Saudi Arabia on August 1, 2005.King Abdullah is the sixth King of Saudi Arabia, following the death of his half-brother King Fahd. He became his name is Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. He became famous, because he held a conference at Mecca in June 2008 to urge Muslim leaders to speak with one voice with Jewish and Christian leaders. He discussed and took approval of the Saudi Islamic scholars and the world's renowned Islamic scholars to hold the interfaith dialogue. Later, he based projects like King Abdullah Economic City, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), sent students to study in Universities for different countries, etc. Finally, King Abdullah likes his country and his people. He always likes to help people. He usually opens his office for everyone. He listens to problems everyone old or child, man or woman. People like this King wonderful very much.


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    Kng abdullah is a good king in the world.

  2. It was so interesting to read about the leader of your country. Thank you for sharing this information!